About Us

Accretion Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ: ENERU) is a blank check company formed for the purpose of entering into a merger, share exchange, asset acquisition, stock purchase, recapitalization, reorganization or other similar business combination with one or more business entities, which we refer to as a “target business.” Although our efforts to locate a target business are not limited to a particular industry or geographic region, we intend to focus our search on target businesses involved in the energy value chain.

We are looking for a target business in the $500 million-$3 billion range.

Value Proposition

The management teams of a majority of exploration- and production-focused special acquisition companies intend to run the target company post-merger. While we believe we have the ability to operate such a target company, we would consider retaining incumbent management, making our company an attractive merger partner for selling management teams.

Our Goal

Our goal is to find companies poised for high growth due to recent underperformance stemming from dislocations in the markets in which they operated.

We are looking for companies that:

  • Are engaged in activities that are consistent with our management’s corporate values and industry perspective, and will benefit from our team’s partnership, operating/technical expertise, and extensive network of industry relationships
  • Have a defensible market position with differentiated product offerings, technology assets, supply chain capabilities, or other competitive advantages;
  • Have assets in areas of operation where there could be follow-on acquisition opportunities that allow our company to leverage its initial operating platform and realize operating and financial synergies associated with consolidation;
  • Have a positive environmental and social impact, considering all stakeholders, employees and the community without compromising financial returns for stakeholders;
  • Will be well-received by public investors and are expected to have good access to public capital markets;
  • Will generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for stockholders.

Management Qualifications

Our management team has demonstrated an ability to recognize untapped value from transactions across the energy sector. The team has proven their ability to identify and execute acquisitions, enhance the acquired assets and monetize investments that result in significant rates of return. Our team has been involved in energy and energy-related transactions with an aggregate transaction value of over $10 billion.